Make Up Forever Aqua Eyes Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil (5L, 20L)

The Make Up Forever display at Sephora is so big and engaging it makes me forget and ignore how much the store itself annoys me. It's all about the colors, and I've been in the mood for some interesting eyeliners. Aqua Eyes Waterproof Eyeliner Pencils come in 24 shades, from the classics to some that are really out there (metallic fuschia and yellow, if that's your thing).

The pencils are, indeed, waterfoof. Still, they glide on very smoothly without tugging or pulling and can be nicely smudged to shade the lid (see swatch). They maintain their texture in heat and humidity, don't melt even after a hot shower and require a good makeup remover when you want to take them off. I'd predict these Make Up Forever crayons are going to be my summer staple, especially for long days spent outdoors.

20L is a blue based dark green. I've been after this color for a while and this is perfect (use with sand or beige eyeshadows and blend with a little taupe or mocha color on the lid to keep it from looking too 80s). 5L is a golden khaki with a metallic finish. It's easy to wear and would look flattering on many a skin tone, tan (fake, please!) or not.

High Maintenance Products

In my dressing room in front of the mirror there's only room for one diva and it shouldn't be any of the products and item I'm using. One of my biggest makeup pet peeves are finicky products that require extra work and special accessories or conditions to function. This list includes:

  • Nail polish colors or brands that do not work with most common base or top coats
  • Foundations that refuse to cooperate with my favorite stippling brushes
  • Primers that hate my foundation and show through,
     and the worst-
  • Eye shadows and other products that leave so much fall out of glitter or pigment you can't leave the house without a serious cleanup job.